World Port City Index

Research: 2016

Port activities and port-related business reinforce each other. The World Port City Index shows the development of Rotterdam’s port-related business services clusters, such as suppliers, law firms, and insurers.



To the economics of a port city, both components, port and city, are important. Port companies and port-related services (such as suppliers, lawyers and insurers) reinforce each other. The World Port City Index shows the development of port-related business services in several port cities and shows which categories are strong in Rotterdam and which categories are in need of attention. This provides the opportunity to conduct targeted acquisition policies and attract more foreign investment.

The World Port City Index presents, for the first time, the port-related business services clusters for the port cities from Hamburg to Le Havre, including Rotterdam. The index reveals in which cities which companies are located and what their activities are. It shows that certain business categories play an important role in specific cities. To Rotterdam, banking and insurance are currently important.


  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses – Identify which clusters of business services are strong in Rotterdam and which are weaker.
  • Decision information – The index provides facts and figures to support investment decisions and improve the port city’s ecosystem.
  • Training and education – Investing in the development of people as well as the organization of education and training, thus contributing to strengthening the port-related services.
  • Positioning Rotterdam as Maritime Capital of Europe.


  • A continuous pressure for strengthening Rotterdam’s position as a port city in both port activities and port-related services – To be prepared for and maximize the benefits of global events such as Brexit and digitization or of future developments such as the energy transition.


  • Understanding of the current clusters of port-related business services and providing insight into the potential of future services. This enables a more suitable acquisition strategy aiming for strengthening the investment climate and attracting more foreign direct investment (FDI).


Erasmus University, Rotterdam Maritime Service Community (Port of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Partners, SmartPort).

World Port City Index - port-related business clusters

“For the first time, a good picture is obtained of how the maritime business services in Rotterdam develop. This sector is of great value to port and city and still has much potential.”

Isabelle Vries

Kwartiermaker, M4H

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