Connecting knowledge

Solutions for future challenges

The smartest and first in class port worldwide. That is exactly the intention of Rotterdam to be in 2030. As it is, Europe’s leading port and industrial complex boast a winning combination of ‘Global Hub’ and ‘Europe’s Industrial Cluster’ – both leading in the field of efficiency, quality and sustainability. It is an inspiring ambition that creates quite a few challenges.

Speed up innovations

SmartPort is a neutral knowledge platform, stimulating alliances, financing scientific research and provides public knowledge dissemination. The aim is to speed up innovations in the port of Rotterdam. SmartPort is a not for profit partnership of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Deltalinqs, the Municipality of Rotterdam, the Erasmus University, Delft University of Technology, TNO and Deltares.

Sustainable for 2030

The year 2030 seems far away, but it is only a decade left. The energy transition, digitization and automation will have a major impact on the port and society. These are opportunities for the port and city of Rotterdam. A healthy port-industrial cluster with an attractive city and a flexible and sustainable transport chain is the target for the port of Rotterdam for 2030. Only in collaboration with governments and knowledge institutions, a company can prepare for the world of tomorrow. And only then Rotterdam can emerge as the most innovative and sustainable port in 2030.