Isola - Integrated Synchromodal Transport System Analysis

ISOLA looks at synchromodal transport from the perspective of the customers: dispatchers and receivers of cargo. What are the benefits for them, is price differentiation possible and can planning be improved?



The ISOLA (Integrated Synchromodal Transport System Analysis) study focuses on three questions:

  1. Synchromodal transport offers opportunities to parties in the logistics network, but how do customers (dispatchers and receivers of cargo) benefit from it?
  2. In container transport, transport prices are usually still based on a price per kilometer, but which other price mechanisms are possible? Is price differentiation possible? And with that, can more choice be offered to customers? For example, a choice between speed (by road transport) or more sustainability (by railway).
  3. Logistical planning. How can the complexity of the logistics networks be made manageable? Is it possible (for example with real-time data on capacity and congestion) to apply last minute shifts in modalities and in network volumes, thereby optimising transport?


  • Insight into customer requirements is obtained. This offers the possibility to match service concepts with these requirements and subsequently market the service concepts.
  • Guidelines for further optimization of schedules.


  • Adoption of these concepts remains difficult because a lot of things still are unclear and uncertain for potential partners.
  • Is it easy to optimize schedules by making use of modelling? 
  • Availability of sufficient data (qualitative and quantitative).


  • More efficient use of assets in the logistic networks.
  • Synchromodality becomes more suitable to adopt and to bring to the market. The feasibility of application is increased.


Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE), Erasmus University Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam Authority, ECT, Delft University, NWO.



This project is part of the Smart Logistics roadmap. For more information about this project or this roadmap, please contact project developer Anique Kuijpers.