SmartPort, the Port of Rotterdam and TU Delft are working together to create a White Paper on the Opportunities for the use of sensor data in the management of Port Infrastructure.

The Port has completed an internal review process to understand what the critical elements of its infrastructure are. The next step is a joint workshop to provide background information for the White Paper.

The questions to address include:
(i) What are the recent trends in sensor development?
(ii) Can we reduce the cost of visual inspections by using sensors in quay walls and other port infrastructure?
(iii) What benefits can predictive asset management provide for port infrastructure?
(iv) How do we ensure Rotterdam keeps the lead in developing the best port infrastructure?
(v) Can we identify living lab opportunities for collaboration between the Port and TU Delft researchers?

Based on this workshop Prof. Ken Gavin will write a white paper on Sensor Technology and Application on Port Infrastructure.

The discussion will be preceded by presentations from:
· (ProRail) – sensor use in practice & challenges
· (Port of Rotterdam) – Port information requirements
· (Witteveen+Bos) – Research on sensoring in quay walls

This will be followed by a workshop where experts from TU Delft can showcase work they have done using sensors or assessing infrastructure. Together we want to combine forces to determine which techniques are available (cross-sectoral) and could be of added value to current asset management of port infrastructure.

Invitations for this workshop on July 11th from 09.00 – 13.30 hours at Port of Rotterdam, have already been sent out. If you wish to join us, please send an email to Dirk Koppenol.