SmartPort announces collaboration with new partner MARIN and signs extension of the TKI scheme with TKI Dinalog

SmartPort announces collaboration with new partner MARIN and signs extension of the TKI scheme with TKI Dinalog

31 Oct 2019 | ENGMOVING, News

Rotterdam, 30 October 2019 – SmartPort, the knowledge platform of Rotterdam, organised the SmartPort Summit for the third time yesterday. Realised impact is shared during this annual event. The knowledge that has been developed from more than 45 completed studies provides the necessary content.

In addition to TNO and Deltares, MARIN is the third TO2 institution (applied research organisation) to join SmartPort as a strategic partner. SmartPort sees the knowledge and skills of MARIN as a welcome addition to forms of scientific substantiation of future issues in the port of Rotterdam. Bas Buchner, Managing Director of MARIN: ‘We are enthusiastic about this new collaboration within SmartPort. We expect that our expertise will enable us to make an effective contribution to the challenges facing the port of Rotterdam. Examples are autonomously ships and the interaction with traffic control; sailing through silt, as a result of which less dredging is required, or the reduction of emissions from shipping. Topics that fit in well with the MARIN mission: contributing to the clean, safe and sustainable use of ports, waterways and the sea.”

The SmartPort Summit opened in a playful way with guests from the Rotterdam port industry, science, local and national government. With a humorous wink, Wilko Terwijn (comedian) presented the operation of SmartPort. The signing of the principle agreement with TKI Dinalog by Robert van der Waal (chairman TKI Dinalog) and SmartPort chairman Frits Eulderink (COO Vopak) is a confirmation of the added value of this knowledge platform.The impact stories about Electrification, Truck Platooning and the Quay of the Future underline that by driving coalitions and scientific research, innovations are accelerated. The SmartPort approach was immediately put into practice during the interactive part of the Summit. In small groups, participants went to work with ideas for the future for their own company or organisation, with the aim of exploring the impact that companies can have in 2030 and beyond.

The Summit ended with encouraging words from Chief Failure Officer Paul Iske. He confirmed that it is precisely by allowing room for error that success is guaranteed in the future. With the transition of the Port as the task at hand and in general striving for perfection, this is a true and welcome message.

With new partner MARIN and existing partners Port of Rotterdam Authority, Deltalinqs, Municipality of Rotterdam, Erasmus University, TU Delft, TNO and Deltares, the network subsidy from the Province of South Holland and the TKI cooperation with TKI Dinalog, SmartPort is assured of the right ‘fertile’ environment for further stimulating innovations in Smart Logistics, Smart Energy & Industry and Future-Proof Port Infrastructure.

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photo: Roy Borghouts