DAFOE - Data for Compliance E-commerce

The DAFOE (Data for Compliance E-commerce) project investigates how the use of data can help customs to ensure timely handling of goods in transportation, given the increase in the number of e-commerce shipments.



Customs checks whether the declaration of freight has been done correctly and which shipments must be further checked. Due to the enormous increase in the number of e-commerce shipments, the pressure on customs is increasing. Companies that ship their goods internationally seek security and speed in transport.

In order to carry out the checks, customs need information on the shipments. The DAFOE study looks at the possibilities of using information from the chain, such as how trustworthy the sender is and whether there is (standard) product / price information.

The project also looks at who can provide that information (the sender or the receiver) and which quality requirements the information must meet.

The current situation is described and then a concrete test system (living lab) is built to test the effect of various measures. An example of a retailer shipping via Rotterdam is Michael Kors, with a distribution centre in Venlo.


  • Strengthening Rotterdam as an import port thanks to a customs process that is in order.
  • Cost savings in handling make Rotterdam more competitive.
  • Forwarders and receivers receive more certainty regarding handling.


  • Participation by parties in the chain is necessary in order to conduct concrete research.
  • What are useful data sources and how can the quality of the data be determined?
  • To get the required data from parties, it is necessary that they have confidence in the solution.


  • Fewer delays in the import and handling process by customs (if the information is in order).
  • Less use of customs capacity.
  • Demo version of a system based on the various data sets.


Belastingdienst (Customs Administration of The Netherlands), DHL, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), GSI bizz, Istia Software, Michael Kors, TKI Dinalog, Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE).



This project is part of the Smart Logistics roadmap. For more information about this project or this roadmap, please contact project developer Anique Kuijpers.