On June 12th Xavier Bellsola will present the outcome of his research for Nautical Trafficmanagement from 12.00 – 13.30 hours at Port of Rotterdam.

“If you want to make changes to the port (e.g. layout), you must assess the capacity and safety (risk). This research offers a model/tool to determine the max. and min. capacity (number of ships and waiting time) in relation to safety and vice versa for a specific port or parts of a port (e.g. Maasvlakte 2)”.

The research comprises of:

I Safety/Risk in the port
Risk is at this moment based on (historical) accident reports. The new approach chosen in this research is based on an expert approach to risk factors, making it possible to determine future risk. Result: model to determine risk adjustable to port lay-out.

Statement: ‘Assessing current/future risks raises more questions than conclusive answers’

II Capacity of the port
Result: model to determine maximum capacity of the port (or parts of the port: Maasvlakte 2).

Statement: ‘Many factors play a role in port capacity estimation, a single value for the overall capacity might be misleading.’

III Combining safety and capacity model: case study Maasvlakte 2
Showcase of the developed model/tool.

Statement: ‘A methodology for port assessment provide insights to decision-makers, but it is useless if they do not understand it or do not rely on it.’

If you wish to join us, please send an email to Dirk Koppenol or give us a ring at 010-4020338.