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At the request of SmartPort, TNO and Erasmus University (EUR) worked with Fenex and Evofenedex to investigate the impact of platformisation on the freight forwarding market.  Download the full report here.


Offshore wind farm decommissioning

An orientation of possible economic activity in the South Holland region and the Rotterdam Port area. Download the full report here.

Quick scan Long-term impact of the corona pandemic on the port of Rotterdam

How will this corona crisis possibly influence the development of the port of Rotterdam in the long term? Research into the long-term impact of the corona pandemic on the port of Rotterdam.

SmartPort Whitepaper ISOLA

A more efficient use of assets in the logistics network, a better adoption of synchromodality and an increase of market chances. The Isola research has recently produced a number of interesting results. Download the Whitepaper here.

Visuals 2019

SmartPort shares all projects in visuals in which we clarify the research question, the collaboration, the potential and the impact of our research. Download the pdf version for 2019 below and share the knowledge of SmartPort!

SmartPort Position paper
Rotterdam Hydrogen Hub

This position paper on the role of hydrogen in the future of the Port of Rotterdam, was compiled on the occasion of the CEO Dinner 2019 

SmartPort whitepaper SmartShipping

How digitalization and advanced automation of barges, service vessels and sea ships create new opportunities and challenges for the maritime industry

Harbor Innovation Barometer – report

A quantitative and qualitative research into the innovative strength and the innovation climate in and around the port of Rotterdam 


From 2022, 100 truck platoons per day must leave the port of Rotterdam loaded with goods for the European hinterland. Download the story about SmartPort and Truck Platooning here. 

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